so I was in a movie, a student film whcih is amazing...my ear hurts cuz I got my rook wonderfully pierced with amanda...aand ya..iunno wat else to say..im sort of floating right now and don't know what to make of it..could definitely use more friend time..i miss everyone..


im so drunk...i drank too much last night..trying to forget the error of my ways.

joy to alchol

and dancing on bars

and good mornings with farina, advil, and soda
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I am Pathetic

did I mention I am pathetic cuz I am...second day on re-doing my diet and waht do I do..fuck it up..I mean I worked out thank god but still I can't stop eating Iunno hopefully when I am back at school next week I can actually stay on it..ill be able to go out and shit and not stay in my house....ERG i am so pissed...I am just going to restart tommorow..after I weigh myself..fuck I hope I didn't gain any more weight or I might just die :(..fuckin a....stupid asshole Jordan

yay finished my video for class! woot

yay and I get to watch L WORD on demand WITHOUT any interuptions...why is that awesome u ask? well I CLEANED my room out..so none of my parents shit from the closet pre-renovation is in my room yay :)...and so I made the video for class its supposed ot be about betrayal or obsession..I chose obsession with food because thats basiclaly my life....anywho...I watched the movie afterwards and im seriously so pissed at myself for not keeping on my diet and keeping the workouts...so TOMMORROW I am fucking done with slacking off...its day 1 again on the rotation I'm so psyched...I AM FUCKING LOSING 30 lbs! ERG..I will do it damnit..y cuz I can...anywho im excited for L Word so time to go MWAH

~bye bitches~

<3 J


So fINALLY i get to watch L Word in my room...my room is still a huge mess but Im home during the time its on..Im watching it for like 10 min and then something happens in my house..my dad drops this big glass lid for the pots..and now everyone is freaking out and ive missed L Word..and can't very well watch the middle of it..cuz that just sucks..and my mom would freak if I watchd it with her..cuz then she would be like OMG is QUEER AS FOLK LIKE THAT?! and thne id have to say "no worse" and then pfft that would just suck...so i have no idea what to do now..Fuck I still have to make my vid project...but kudos to me I kept on my diet today :)

blah blah blah..if ur bored hit me up ;)